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Login Services

EGI Check In: Login with your own credentials
Provided by the EGI Foundation


EGI Cloud Compute: Run virtual machines on-demand with complete control over computing resources.
Provided by EGI Federated Cloud Sites

EGI Cloud Container Compute: Run Docker containers in a lightweight virtualised environment.
Provided by EGI Federated Cloud Sites

EGI High Throughput Compute: Execute thousands of computational tasks to analyse large datasets.
Provided by EGI Federation


EGI Archive Storage: Back-up your data for the long term and future use in a secure environment.
Provided by the EGI Foundation

EGI Online Storage: Store, share and access your files and their metadata on a global scale.
Provided by the EGI Foundation

B2SAFE: Distribute and store large volumes of data based on data policies.
Provided by EUDAT

B2STAGE: Transfer of data between data resources and external computational facilities.
Provided by EUDAT

Processing & Analysis

Elastic Cloud Compute Cluster (EC3): Deploy a virtual cluster on top of IaaS infrastructures with a few clicks.
Provided by IBERGRID at GryCAP-I3M-UPV

LifeWatch ERIC Plants Identification App: Web service to classify plant pictures based on convolutional neural networks.
Provided by LifeWatch ERIC in IBERGRID

OPENCoastS: On-demand operational coastal circulation forecast service.
Provided by IBERGRID in the Portuguese National Civil Engineering Laboratory.

EGI Notebooks: Create interactive documents with live code, visualisations and narrative text powered by the Jupyter technology
Provided by the EGI Federation

DisVis web portal: Software to visualize and quantify the accessible interaction space defined by distance restraints between biomolecules.
Provided by Bijvoet Center, Utrecht University

PowerFit web portal: PowerFit is a software designed to fit atomic structures into cryo-EM density maps, using an exhaustive 6-dimensional cross-correlation search.
Provided by Bijvoet Center, Utrecht University

ENES Climate Analytics Service: Analyze and process data from multiple communities with the Ophidia Big Data Analytics framework.
Provided by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) and the Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ).

Dynamic on Demand Analysis Service (DODAS): Simplify the access and management of computing resources.
Provided by INFN

HADDOCK web portal: The HADDOCK webportal offers computational tools for structural biologists to model the structure of complexes of proteins and other biomolecules via a user-friendly interface.
Provided by Bijvoet Center, Utrecht University

Sharing and Discovery

Scipion: A software framework for integrating several 3DEM software packages through a workflow-based approach.
Provided by West-Life and CSIC

CompBioMed Software Hub: The CompBioMed Software Hub addresses the needs of the computational biomedicine research community, which can use the Hub to access the resources developed, aggregated and coordinated by CompBioMed.
Provided by CompBioMed

Data Management Services

B2HANDLE: Secure and trusted data exchange service for researchers.
Provided by EUDAT with SURFsara, DKRZ, GRNET, BSC, MPCDF and KTH

B2NOTE: Data annotation service to create annotations on research data.
Provided by EUDAT and BSC

B2SAFE: Distribute and store large volumes of data based on data policies.
Provided by EUDAT and all generic CDI Level 1 providers

B2SHARE: Store and publish research data.
Provided by EUDAT and CSC

Training & Support

FitSM: Learn how to manage IT services with a pragmatic and lightweight standard.
Provided by the EGI Foundation

Training Infrastructure FedCloud: Dedicated computing and storage for training and education
Provided by the EGI Foundation